Hello and welcome to my new blog.  Someone else I knew started one recently and I thought it was a good idea seeing as I haven't updated my livejournal in over 4 months.

In our bathroom we have a NASA calendar.  My husband did his masters in astrophysics so needless to say he's a space nut.  He's like one of those 7 year old boys who went through a space phase and never got over it.  So while I'm in the bathroom I see amazing and beautiful pictures like these:

It makes me think of this poem I love so much. I remember showing it to my husband and even considering reading it at our wedding. He says he likes it and can see why I use it to describe how I feel about him, but sometimes I wonder if he really sees what I'm seeing.

i look up and see
moons and planets

and i see

galaxies, and quasars and pulsars
i might even see strings
or so the scientists tell me

and i believe them

but i only see one star:

it is very bright and it is you
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