27 before 28

I have shamelessly stolen this idea from Mademoiselle Slimalicious because it sounds like a great motivational idea.

27 Before 28

Start date: 12th August 2012
End date: 30th June 2013.

In progress: Italic
Completed: Struck through

Lose 9kg
Get 50 followers
Make pastry from scratch
Complete first year of my Masters
Save $10,000.00
Go on a holiday as a family
Be medication free
Volunteer at a school
Go 30 days without buying clothes
Go swimming with Bubby
Go out for dinner/have a date night once a month
Make my own gnocci
Decorate a cake with fondant
Learn how to flood fill cookies
Fall back in love with my husband
Keep blogging
Meet blog friends in real life (and not be looking horrendous this time!)
Go to spin classes regularly
Menu-plan every week
Start instagraming
Figure out how to work Twitter
Visit my husband at work with Bubby
Have a catch up with a friend at least once a fortnight
Learn how to cook a yummy roast pork (its my kryptonite!)
Have a bubble bath once a fortnight
Take more photos
See live music

What are the things you would like to achieve before your next birthday?


  1. Thanks for the link Lisa! I'm glad I have inspired you! Good luck with your list!

  2. I've seen a few of these around... I think my birthday is too close to do one this year, but maybe next year!

  3. I love someone (my wife) who loves lists. I however am not good with them but understand their power!

    Good luck

  4. Yay, Lisa, i'm follower 25 now so you're half way there!!
    Oh do make gnocchi, it's so not scary, it's just lovely & so light, delicious, cooks quickly, brilliant all round family fun meal. Fondant, hmmm, i'm still not a massive fan of eating it but looking at it on a cake, spectacular.
    Have a blast working towards your 28th year in this world. Gosh, while ago for me, i had my 4th baby in my belly, was a gorgeous year!! Love Posie

  5. Good on you Lisa. I love the idea of making a list of things to achieve before my next birthday - I always talk about it but never get around to doing it. I love that they are all realistic, so I have no doubt you will achieve them!

  6. Ah, this is a great idea! So much better than that 101 in 1001 thing. Before my next birthday I hope all of my domains are functional, and I hope to beat all five Legend of Zelda games that I own. I also hope to get my first web design client. Lots of unrealistic goals for me.

    Bubby is so adorable!

  7. Good luck with your list. I am hopeless at making pastry from scratch and have actually just given up on it. I do a mean roast pork though....

    Your bubby is super cute.

  8. You've got a few of your items happening already so you are off to a good start. Good luck!

  9. That IS a great idea Lisa... and all I can say is you are going to be busy busy busy, but lots of great things to achieve in there xo
    Gorgeous photo by the way!

  10. Haha, my birthday's in a couple of weeks so I don't know what I'll achieve by then. Here's a great, really easy, delicious gnocchi recipe! Even I could make it and I'm a terrible cook - http://gourmetgirl-friend.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/goldilocks-5-bears.html then you can cross another one off!! x

  11. I've just become member number 30! Maybe we could rendezvous for a coffee and then you could cross out 'Meet blog friends in real life.....'! Rx


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