3 months old today!

Our first cuddle

My little man is 3 months old today! Oh, Bubby, I can't believe how far we've come. I've been thinking about the last 3 months and what has happened.

This time exactly 3 months ago (7.03pm, 16 May 2012) I had just had my epidural and was finally feeling some relief. I had been in labour for 12 hours and had been struggling for about 6 (that darn syntocin drip!) I had almost lost sight of what I was doing and why I was going through this pain and struggle. Darling Hubby hadn't left my side and was helping me so much. Every hour during my labour I had to have a blood test (due to gestational diabetes) and I was too out of it to do it myself so he was lovingly doing that every hour and recording the results. When I started getting hypoglycemic (because during labour you don't eat or drink - at least I didn't) Hubby would lovingly feed me lemonade to try to keep my sugars up.

We got home from the hospital and we were so scared of what we were doing. Hubby was on school holidays so for the first 4 weeks of Bubby's life, Hubby was right there helping. Feeding was a nightmare, (I talked about that here) but he was sleeping so well and so easy to handle the rest of the time.

2 weeks after Hubby went back to work I went to the OB GYN for my 6 week check. Some red flag went off in his mind and he was adament I see my GP because he was certain I had post natal depression. He rang my GP and wrote 2 letters to my GP to make sure I went to see him, he was that concerned. My GP (who I saw 2 days later) got me in to see an amazing doctor who doesn't ever see new patients and only treats women with post natal depression. He then diagnosed me with post natal depression and 2 days later I made the decision to go into the Mother Baby Unit.

I planned on staying 3 days. I stayed for 15. It was, by far, the best and hardest decision I had made in Bubby's life. It was my first big decision as a parent. My stay at the MBU allowed me to really learn how to enjoy Bubby and our play times. I was able to really spend quality time with Bubby. Lots of it. And can you ever spend enough time loving your Bubby?

We've been home from the MBU for almost a month now. Bubby is happy wherever he is. He's giggling now. He thinks he can talk, and talks complete sentences in his own special language. He loves his Jolly Jumper, his play mat, his Bumbo, his Tigger. He's discovered his right hand and, much to his mother's dismay, loves to suck on it!

I can't believe it. I never thought I would be here 2 months ago.

I survived. We thrived. I'm actually looking forward to what the next 3 months bring!


  1. Good on you, Lisa. So many more precious times to come! By the way, I think that every mother deserves a congratulations once they make the 3 month mark - I remember it being my hardest and just wishing for all the breastfeeding pain and other new baby things to end. We need to make sure we support other Mums who are doing it tough in those first three months because they can be the lonliest and hardest month we ever encounter.

  2. Congratulations on your first three months! You should be so proud of having the strength to get help and sharing this, I think it will help others be strong enough to ask for help if they need it. I hope things get more and more wonderful each month for you.

  3. Glad you are enjoying him, they grow up so fast and the first few months are so busy it gets hard to remember all the special moments. It's great to hear when Mums get the support they need because it can be a really tough time and too precious not to be able to enjoy it.

  4. Enjoy every moment and don't wish them to grow up, because before you blink your eyes they have!
    Beautiful photo!

  5. That's so lovely - congratulations on the three months! I would bet they went by so quick, so treasure every moment. :) Being this young, I can't imagine what it was like to go through the short time after birth, but it's just so lovely hearing about new families. All the best for the months to come. <3

  6. While you're in the midst of the hard times they seem to be lasting a life time, but in the blink of an eye your baby will no longer be a baby and you'll long to have a sleepless night with him again! Well, I do anyway. Yay for 3 months, and good on you for getting the help you needed, that makes you a great mum xx

  7. Lovely photo, so precious. You are such an amazing Mum to make that decision to get some help, it's not easy to admit you need help.

  8. Congratulations on the BIG 3 months! With Sunny the first 3 months were the pits... The sun seemed to shine after the 3 month mark and hasn't stopped since!

    Thank you so much for being so candid with your expereinces... It's not always sunshine and lollipops as we all think it's MEANT to be!

    If you haven't yet read Brooke Sheilds book "Down Came The Rain" do so... She speaks so openly about her PND and look up Jessica Rowe's book too. Sometimes by reading about others, it helps you realise that you're not alone and in some way it's quite common to go through certain things...

    You are truly a strong woman and mummy who will only grow to be stronger!

    Love the photo :)

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