And the winner is...

Enjoying a celebratory afternoon tea with Hubby

... me!

I can't believe it! I am the girl who has been more than a little bit down on her luck of late, and yet somehow I managed to win not one, but two giveaways in one day! Honestly, winning something does wonders to brighten a very dark, cold, day!

I am absolutely thrilled to say that I will be receiving 3 fabulous rugs from Winton House thanks to the generous and lovely Tara. I just know where I'm going to put at least 2 of them already!

As if I wasn't feeling spoilt enough, the lovely Romy, whose blog I am now finding myself addicted to, has re-drawn her giveaway and I was the lucky one chosen by her 11 year old! So I'll also be receiving some of her impressive looking cumquat compote as well as the book "Living in History" which I know my Dad will be super jealous of!

So yes, not a bad day's work! Hubby thinks that I should rush off and buy a lotto ticket or something! All I know is that I am feeling very pleased with myself! It makes for a nice change!


  1. WOW,you are a lucky duck today!..Enjoy your wins and have a happy week..xx

  2. How wonderful for you, those rugs look gorgeous!

  3. Yay! Good on you. I completely agree, winning something unexpected puts you in the best of moods.

  4. Congratulations, how awesome is that!


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